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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Women's Conference

Currently: Sitting in a hotel lobby
Craving? Chocolate covered Almonds

So my mom gave me an opportunity to get outta town for a few days and I took her up on it....I'm starting to wish I didn't do it after all....These women were around when I was a baby and now that I'm the one having a baby they can't get over it and keep patting my head and calling me "little _____" everyone has something different and they keep downsizing everything I do, add to it that there are only 10 of us in total but at least 7 of those 10 want to be the one in charge and telling each other what to do. The term "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians." comes to mind with them and all the while they argue over what should be done and I walk away to do what they are all wanting to do but can't agree on how to do it then when they finally take time to notice I'm gone they realize that I just did what they wanted to do they way they finally agreed to do it. Is it really rocket science?

Needless to say I'm not enjoying myself very much. I kinda wish I hadn't said yes, but I'm here for three days and there is no getting around it. So Hubby needed pictures off the camera that he took the other day at work. When Rango came out they decided to have a reptile show in the movie theater lobby so he took pictures and had to send them to cooperate but they've had a few technical issues getting the pictures out so he asked me to email them to him since I had the computer. I'm not exactly okay, I've been here 2 hours and I'm crying my eyes out due to stress from these crazy women and their need to pet my hair and call me little, and the fact that after searching all over the hotel for free wifi (go figure that wifi is charged per room) and the only place is in the lobby...I don't know what's up but the wifi is super slow and I've only managed 20 pictures in the 2 hours I've been sitting here. I'm not too thrilled at its speed I've managed to make this blog in part, and send full description emails to my husband with what has been going on all day while I waited for the pics to upload. I can't get him on the phone and I need to get up early..dang hormones attacking me make it impossible to handle anything right now...I only want to get him on the phone explain that I can't keep going with this and that I love him and goodnight...I don't think I can handle all this right now until I at least hear his voice. I'll see how things go but for now I'm going to go ahead and go. Its late and my eyes are puffy and red.

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