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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Real Steal

Anthony and I just went to see it, can I just say AWESOME! He likes movies just as much as I do, and we both agree...this movie has like a zillion stars to it, I haven't seen a real passionate movie with a real story that sucks you in and draws your rawest emotions out in a VERY long time. I was happily crying along with the main characters. Now to just make my books like that!

Anthony is standing and doing the crab walk around the house furniture now. He even plays a bit of peek-a-boo when egged on...he's a real cutie.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I can't cook at all....I never realy have and never really could. I've tried...a few times and no sucess... So I'm trying without hubby's prior knowledge or pressures from him. I think he's gonna like it..I've already had a few bites and it was rather good. Chicken casserole is simple enough to make, but I made sure to have a second pair of eyes watching everything I was doing. Oh and its the same friend who wanted to do Zumba...which fell through like I figured it would, but she is riding a bike back and forth to work so she is still exercising.

I'm attempting to write...I need to get better at this balancing thing....