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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Hiatus

I have been going through a lot of work and moving problems. So until I am able to stabilitize myself as well as my schoolwork, I won't be able to write anything. I know it's rather sad, but I have to do what I have to do. I know I very well might be gone for a long while, but please bear with me. I will update as needed.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Devin & Mya

We walked out of the movie debating back and forth, on Bane’s character. Mya went on and on, dredging through the changes that had been made in contradiction to the comics, “Why did they alter the purpose of his mask! It’s supposed to just make him super strong and nearly invulnerable. Where did they pull that crap about him getting crippled in prison?”

“Well I can see how they didn’t want him to be too overbearing of a character, and-“

“No! He’s supposed to be the most formidable foe Batman ever faces.”

“True, but in going along with all the other movies, they still had to have a human quality with it.” We both looked at each other at that moment and busted out laughing.

“Humans.” We said together sarcastically.

We walked toward the fountain in front of the theater still in awe of certain scenes in the movie. “Why don’t we grab some lunch from Gloria’s and take it to-go?”

I looked at her with some confusion and pointed in the air, “You do see the sun going down don’t you? It’s a bit past lunch hour.”

“Fine. Dinner it is, but you’re paying.” She laughed and grabbed my hand, pulling me in the  direction of the TexMex restaurant. “It’ll be fun and you know it.”

Once we got inside and had our names put on the list we were told it would be about a 45 minute to an hour wait so we took a seat on the pier with our buzzer in hand. “So what do you do for fun in Commerce?” she sat on the back of the bench with her feet in the seat bending over to rest her elbows on her knees.

“There really isn’t much to do. It’s more of a college town, so everyone’s usually getting drunk 24/7. But some of us ride the tracks for fun.”

“What are the tracks? And how do you ride them?” she asked slightly confused.

“Train tracks, and you ride them by using a skateboard or rollerblades downhill to the Graveyard.”

“Like in a cemetery? That’s a bit freaky, not to mention smelly for my taste.” She wrinkled her nose at the thought.

“No, we call it the  Graveyard. It’s a massive train track dump. Where old cars from decommissioned trains are littered and dumped waiting to be scrapped. It’s not in Commerce itself but its close enough that we can still get there by foot.”

“What about a girl back home?” she looked at her phone at that point, pretending to text someone. Text. Just text. Simple, easy, open. I am waiting, just waiting.

I looked into her thoughts for a second to try and gage where the conversation was going. I couldn’t get a solid fix on what she was thinking but decided to answer anyway. “Not really…” I looked away at the thought of Luna and what we had just gone through.

Technically we aren’t even together anymore, but I don’t want to give up what we have. At the same time, I have a beautiful girl actually putting herself out there in front of me. Someone who is able to openly show her affection and isn’t afraid to do so. I took in a breath of the cold surrounding air and let it out slowly in order to level my thoughts. No one ever tells you how difficult girls can make your life.

“What about you?” I asked looking at her hopefully.

She turned back to face me and smiled, whatever she had been hiding was completely erased now. “I work with my dad on bikes at his shop in my free time.” She shrugged as if we hadn’t even breached the subject of relationships in the first place.

A crowd of whistling, screaming and jumping humans passed us at that moment. Some wearing football outfits and others wearing cheerleader uniforms. The sudden break in the ambience around us jolted me back to reality, interrupting my string of thoughts on the current situation. As they passed us by our buzzer went off, putting the conversation on hold.

As we approached the table the hostess was leading us to, the crowd of humans came into the same section, still as loud and obnoxious as ever and were seated right next to us.

“This is a bit rough on the ears don’t you think?” Mya asked trying to vocalize over the group behind us.

“Just a little.” I yelled back at her.

How. Find. Place. Less noisy?

Are you trying to communicate? Just nod your head if you are then I can read what you’re trying to say.  I asked and she nodded.

How about we find a place a little less noisy?  The thought was clear and full instead of choppy since I was tuned in.

Sure, How about we head over to Cold Stone instead? I motioned for us to get up and head out the door, and she followed.

We got there just as the employee was closing up but she let us in anyway, “So long as you hurry up I won’t charge for it cause yall are such a cute couple and I wanna hurry and get to break.” She giggled as I put a little more space between Mya and myself. “Space”, that was closed quickly by Mya wrapping her arm around my waist and giggling lightly.

Free ice cream. Don’t blow it by being a ninny.

Fine. We ordered our ice creams and headed out of the door leaving the girl to her break.

“Let’s go down to the water. I wanna stick my feet in.” she let go of my arm as soon as we were out of sight, putting all her attention on her coffee ice cream cone.

I shrugged and walked with her past the fountain towards the water, shirking off my shoes at the shore. The sand was warm from the all-day sun but the water was ice cold. Mya pulled out her phone and opened her Pandora app, and played a bit of music while we sat and watched the water rise and fall off the shoreline.

“It’s beautiful.” She sighed as she took the last bite of her ice cream cone and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah, it’s almost as peaceful as sunrise.” I looked out onto the water She’s probably just tired and resting her head. I thought in an attempt to reassure myself.

“I suppose sunrise can be peaceful, but I was thinking about the absolute tranquility of a new moon.” She rested her hand on my knee at that point picking at a loose string on my pants. I couldn’t help but look down at her slightly to try and gage her actions. The Hecate charm caught my eye in that moment as I watched it rise and fall on her chest. Nope, not going there, not even gonna touch that at all. Not going to… I stole another look at the placement of the crest.

”So why exactly did you change the chain on your crest to a ribbon?” I asked moving my eyes to look out over her head and to the bridge nearby.

“So you did notice that.” She laughed and moved her hand slightly higher on my leg as she looked at me absently.

Stay cool. Just relax. It was just an absent-minded movement up your thigh. Doesn’t mean a thing. No thoughts. Stay cool. Her thoughts were a wall of concentrated coaxing for herself. Meanwhile, mine were racing as fast as my heartbeat.

“Yeah. I assumed it was a part of the wardrobe but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on any other chain before.” I put the last bite of ice cream in my mouth to avoid any more verbal diarrhea from finding its way out.

“Just felt like it needed a change, like the rest of me.” She moved her hand up a little higher finding the pocket lining and rubbing the material back and forth methodically.

Danger! Danger Will Robinson! The inner alarms were ringing in my ears as I thought of all the repercussions of the actions this was going to lead too. Then, as if willing a loophole into existence, they went to a lighter sense of thought. Well…Lu did say we were taking a break. She also left me hanging high and dry… Literally.

Before I had any more time to think, Mya leaned in and kissed me. Actually, a more accurate way of putting it would be that she pinned me to the ground in a make-out session that I couldn’t deny my body ached for.

It went on like this for a good long time, slowly growing in intensity. Our clothes began to disappear as things became more and more heated. Our hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies uninhibited by our thoughts or sense of reason. It wasn’t until we were at the brink of actually having sex that things began to go awry.

This being my first full time, the barriers on my thoughts and the control I have over them began to wane. My concentration was the first to go small fragments of my thoughts seeping into my subconscious wants for the moment. Second to leave me was the control of my power, I could no longer freely control the string of thoughts being given or received as our minds melded just as our bodies ached to do.

With every brush of her skin and rub of her body my thoughts wandered farther and farther from the scene I was currently in, and replaced by the memories of my latest debacle with Luna and how much more I wanted to be with her in this way.

Before I knew it…

“What the name of hades is wrong with you!” She was off of me and into her clothing before I could even come back to reality.

Still reeling from the emotional and physical shock of our embrace it took me a while to fully understand what had caused her sudden change in mood. “I don’t know what brought me to think of her.” I ran my hand over my face and through my hair, “I swear I didn’t mean to.” I was at a loss for words and her mind was closed up so tightly I couldn’t even hear a mental note of her anger.

“Just take me home.” She said with finality as she put her shoes back on. “Or better yet forget it.” She turned and shifted nearly as fast as she had dressed and was out of sight before I could even call out her name.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Allie & Sam

I was so close to my birthday I could feel all my muscles aching for the change. My parents were still not sure on how to handle the whole situation. I was a Lycoan but my parents were both humans. The gene had passed over them, they each had one human parent and one Lycoan parent, and both had been lucky enough to be human. Their understanding of the hardships that Lycoans go through was sorely lacking and it hurt my mom sometimes when she couldn't help me deal with issues like the change.

I walked across the street to the Hewitt house, now empty with both of the twins at school, but I knew Carline was outside in the back staring at the sky, she had slipped into a small depression after the twins had started their training, and after 3:00 she usually took time to think about them in her garden. As I opened the gate to the back yard I could see the trace evidence of the neglect her garden had gotten, their sad and droopy state showing just how miserable the summer months could be in Texas for greenery. Sitting on the patio in one of the chairs was Carline, oblivious to my approach as her mind continued to wander.

"Hey Carline." I said, announcing my presence. The last thing you want to do to a Lycoan is sneak up on them and scare them...which is hard to do but best to avoid anyway.

"Oh Allie! How are you dear?" Her expression melded into one of care as she tuned into me. "Your birthday is coming up soon isn't it?"

"Yeah." I sighed, I had come over here to get advice on dealing with my first forced change, I had been told different things about the difference but I just needed someone to talk to and my mom, though she tried just couldn't help. "I was wondering if you could help me understand a few things..." I trailed off, not wanting to send her back into her saddened state about the twins.

"What is it sweetie?" Her motherly care took over as she patted the seat next to her ushering me to sit down as well. "Want anything to drink?" she said as she set the glass she was sipping down and started to get up to play hostess.

"No thanks, I'm not really thirsty." I sat down and she rested back into her chair and focused solely on me. "I wanted to know...are there any hints that you could give me about controlling myself? I mean..." I stuttered, "...anything that will help keep me from going rogue when I head to school?"

She smiled at me endearingly before she grabbed one of my shaking hands that I was fidgeting with in my lap. "You'll be fine. Demi and Sam won't let anything happen to you, and if you want, Wes and I could tag along for the sake of your nerves."

I looked up to her and sighed, she was right and I was just over-reacting. There was no way that Sam would let me go rogue and it had been fifty years since anything like that had happened. "You're right, I'll be fine, I don't need extra people to help I'll be fine." I looked up at her and forced myself to smile.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Sasha, Michael & Roy

We all sat down on the couch as Sasha went to get the drinks. "What kind?" she asked absent-mindedly as she walked towards the refreshments room.

"I'll take a Pepper." Mike was quick to answer.

"Make that two." I was tired but Sasha had begged me to stay while Mike was there. Something about him creeped her out and yet she refused to let me tell him to just go away.

"Chips and salsa?" She asked as she set down the sodas and opened the bag in her lap as she sat in between us.

"I'm all for it." Mike smiled at her and reached over never breaking eye contact as he reached inside the bag, still sitting on her lap, and grabbed a single chip.

Sasha froze as he made the movement towards her and pushed a soft smile on her lips to detract from her rigid movements while dipping her chip into the salsa.

"So are we going to watch this movie or what?" I spoke up trying to break the weird tension.

"Yeah why don't you pop it in Roy?" Mike seemed eager to get me out of the picture and his eyes were trained on Sasha again.

"Sure. Sasha, I forget sometimes how to thread that stupid projector of yours. Care to help me out?" I looked over to her not sure if she really wanted out or not.

"Sure." She got up quickly and set the chips down for Mike as she walked my way. Once we were out of earshot she sighed. "Thanks. I don't think I could have taken the whole alone time very well. I'm almost positive he was going to try to put his tongue down my throat the second you left." she shivered. "I hope Mya appreciates what we're doing for her. It had better be worth it."

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and squeezed. "It'll be over before you know it. I'll keep him from tongue raping you." I laughed as we got to the projector and she quickly put the movie film together in her family's deluxe theater room. Her parents were loaded and had designed a full fledged theater with couches in leu of seats and a room right outside full of candies and different movie snacks.

The movie started just as we got back and sat back onto the couch. Mike didn't waste any time inching closer to her as he stretched out to put his arm around her finding mine already in the way after it was already too late. I snickered to myself slightly as he seemed flustered about the loss of ground but quickly moved onto the next attempt to get closer.

His hand inched its way over to hers as she was distracted by the movie and her need for chips so grabbing it wasn't very hard in the first place but she quickly pulled away avoiding looking away from him as he gave her his full attention.

"What is your problem?!" It was apparent he was frustrated by the lack of ground covered on his conquest.

I turned to him anger filling me "No man, what's your problem? Can't you see she's not into you?" I yelled, trying to keep my voice over the noise.

"And who the hell invited you? This was supposed to be just us." I could see the hothead that everyone had talked about starting to bubble to the surface.

"Sasha invited me." a low growl rolled out slowly as he began to stand as tall as he could to square off.

"Then I'm un-inviting you." he growled in response as I stood to face him.

"Until she asks me to leave I'm not moving an inch, besides, you're the one acting like a fool and trying to move in on someone else's territory."

"Enough!" Sasha was on her feet and in between both of us. "I am not about to let you two brawl it out in my favorite room!" she turned to face Mike, "Michael. I'm afraid you're going to have to calm down or leave."  Then she faced me, "Roy, no wolf, got it?" she looked into my eyes and I couldn't help but listen and sit down.

Mike couldn't take the choices he was offered and growled again showing confidence since I had sat down. "So long as he keeps himself in check and backs off of you. I don't mind him hanging around." he smiled.

I couldn't stop the growl that rolled out again, but I used all the rest of my control to stay seated as Sasha spoke again. "Then I'm thinking you're gonna have to go. I don't care what you do just don't stay here."

She turned her back on him and walked closer to me, frustrating him just enough to turn and leap after her. Lycoans can turn at will, but our emotions can sometimes get the wolf instincts to go into overdrive. I pulled her to me as he lept and pushed her to the couch tackling Mike with my bare hands and holding his neck in my hand before slamming it into the floor to knock him out, but without enough force to actually do it in one blow. "Howdare you attack her in her own home. Get out." I released his neck and removed my body from over him to allow him to leave.

Sasha stared at me still in shock that he had attacked her from behind. "Thank you," she finally looked up from the spot where he had been moments ago, "for not turning this place into scraps." She stood up and kissed me then, bringing her hands to the sides of my face as I pulled her closer surprised that she felt this way for me at all.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Megan & Michael

First, I was removed from my position as Alpha, then that prick stole Mya and made Megan feel inferior. Then I lost both of them in only a matter of minutes all thanks to Mya's big mouth. Oh well, she was only ever a good screw and she was never controllable as a side woman.

Megan yelled at me after Mya's outburst and didn't stop to think how this was her fault in the first place. "What do you mean I cheated? You broke up with me remember? I was well within my rights to be with Mya." I smiled inwardly at how clever I was, to be able to play this all back on her. "You're the one who came in here and kissed me while I was with someone else. Now she's gone and I think we both owe her an apology." I gave her a serious face as I looked after Mya leaving.

She stood there for a moment as she took in my logic. Guys at school had always wondered how I could string along more than one female at a time. The answer was simple, know their emotions and play them against themselves instead of against you. Case in point, Megan was now searching for Mya outside to apologize and Mya would believe what I had said. They would think that each of them was in the right for what they had done with me and I'd still have two women to lay in my bed. Guardian Donne was going to eat his words and realize that I was the only true Alpha for this year.

I went to sit for dinner knowing Megan would plead with Mya until she came back and then they would cry and hug it out. All I needed to do is listen to them rant and rave about each other again and tell them they were right and before you know it I'd be living large again. I sat at the table and waited for my mom to join me.

"So was Megan going to stay for dinner too?" she asked as she sat down.

"I'm not sure, they had to talk about something out back so I figured I'd come and join you for dinner now."

Megan came in first and asked to talk to me alone for a moment. I nodded and excused myself from dinner as I joined her outside. "What happened?" I asked not giving her any direction to lead into so she could believe that she did this on her own.

"She told me that you had told her we broke up, but that this wasn't the first time you had said that. You've hooked up with her before?" she asked not allowing her eyes to meet mine while she looked at me.

"No. This was the first time. She was reeling from all that crap going on with the pack and I was reeling from you so I kinda lost control. I didn't mean to I swear I just...did." I looked down for effect to drive home my act of sullenness.

Her eyes met mine then and she smiled, tears still rolling down her face. She could forgive me for a simple slip-up due to stress and the male testosterone levels, so long as it was a one time thing.

Mya never came back, but I couldn't say I expected her to after Megan's line of questioning afterwards.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Mya & Michael

"Michael!" his mom yelled from upstairs. "Dinner is ready! Mya you're welcome to stay here if you're hungry." she was a kind-hearted woman and seemed to never understand the massive amounts of drama that surrounded her son.

"We should prolly get up there. You know she'll come to check on us otherwise." I sat up and wrapped the sheets around me.

"Why do you have to look so sexy when you get up?" He rolled onto his side and propped his head on his hand still covered by the comforter.

"Come on. I'm starving anyway, and you know how I love to run afterwards." I smirked at him as I slid into my jeans and shirt.

"Make sure to tame that mane of yours first, remember how she figured it out last time." this time he was the one laughing as he got out of the bed and threw on jeans, leaving his shirt on the floor before heading to the stairwell. He had made the basement into his room earlier this year but it lacked a restroom and mirror, which seemed more and more like a necessity.

"You're just lucky that your mom is human and can't smell it all over you and me." I grabbed a hairband and put my hair into a messy bun.

The doorbell rang as I walked up the stairs with Michael behind me. I giggled as he pinched my ass and I swiped his hand away as he growled seductively. Once we reached the hallway I was struck with the scent that made my blood boil. I turned on him instantly, "What is she doing here?!"

It took him a moment to smell what I smelt and instantly he was silent and had nothing to say to me. He walked past me and into the hallway closing the door on me before I could even leave the last stair. Leaving me to realize that he wasn't really as done with her as he had told me earlier in the day. This was the last time though. I wasn't going to let him make me a fool for the rest of my life, and if I had to know about her she had better know about me.

I pushed the door open and saw him locked in a kiss with her as a single tear fell from her eyes. "At least the lie wasn't complete bull." I said, breaking the silence. "He said that yall had broken up and that he was done with all of your obsessive bullshit." I spat as they stopped the kiss and she stared at me a low feral growl growing in her throat.

"What the hell Mike?" She didn't dare break her gaze with me knowing that there was a fight to come.

"Take a good wiff Megan. I'm sure you noticed it earlier but chose to ignore it. He's all yours now though." I turned my back to her and headed back downstairs to grab my stuff.

I could hear the argument ensue in my wake as I gathered my purse and heels. It was time for a makeover, this way I could start fresh and leave the skin of this old life behind.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Devin & Luna

Luna walked up as I roared the engine to my new bike and I smiled happily as her eyes sparked with appreciation. It was why we had first decided to date, we were both at the bike shop in Greenville, me going along to see the bikes and her to go shopping, while her dad bought a new set of tires. That was when we had clicked, I was taken aback by her steady knowledge of the bike I was pining over and she was impressed with my choice.

Now though, she was impressed  I could hear her mentally appraising each detail of the bike which only worked to broaden my smile. Hey, how was your day?  She asked, knowing I had tuned into her thought waves.

I looked at the bike then back to her, Do you really need to ask?  I looked her up and down appraising the simplistic look of the white tank top cut high enough to show her new key shaped belly button ring and low-rider jeans with holes in the knees down to the normal black flip flips then back up to her neck line where her family crest sat perfectly above her chest, then straight into her dazzling blue eyes needing no makeup to show her beauty with curly blonde hair.

She giggled slightly and slung her bag over her shoulder, I guess I need to get my helmet from the garage? She thought to me before turning towards the house.

Nope. I turned and picked up the second helmet from the ground where I had hidden it. I had run by Greenville before coming back to pick her up. Don’t you think I would have thought of your safety?  I smiled and handed her the customized headgear. Her eyes lit up again as she read her name on the side of the helmet in baby blue and silver with the same lightning behind it.

Let’s ride. She settled herself behind me strapping her helmet into place and wrapping her arms around me.

We drove off, using our sense of smell to guide us for dinner, it was her way of a happy birthday, and we finally settled for Chilli’s near Greenville.

“How many today? Just two?” the hostess asked happily.

“Yes, two today.” Luna smiled at her as she laced her arm into mine possessively.

Wow Lu, since when are you jealous of humans?  I asked her as we went to our table.

Am not, just happy to be able to freely hold you for a change, all this stupidity of staying single to help build my future is driving me madd. For once I’d like to spend a normal evening with my boyfriend and celebrate his birthday.

I couldn’t be a luckier man. I smiled at her as I took the menu and ordered.