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Monday, August 27, 2012

Michelle Monique - Interview

Hi there Michelle, I'm glad we were able to get together like this and introduce you. I'm very taken by all of your work and excited to say that you're my artist for Lunar Eclipse, which will (hopefully) launch in November!

MM: Thank you! I'm so excited to work on this novel. It'll be refreshing to edit wolves into a book cover ;)

TK: So Michelle, what made you originally design book covers for authors?

MM: I actually never decided to do book covers. People just came to me asking if I do them and I gave it a try. I really enjoy it though, so I'm glad my work gradually headed in that direction. It's interesting to take someone's story and try to sum it up in one picture that really speaks to their audience. I am hoping to branch out and work on game advertising and movie posters as well!

TK: So which came first? The chicken or the egg? Or in your case, the camera or the editing?

MM: I would have to say editing came first. I started graphic design when I was 14 on Neopets. I would make layouts for my page and guild so I got a head start in photoshop before I even started photography. Once I did start taking pictures, I wanted something more creative than a mere photograph so I just combined the two skills.

TK: Did you ever take any photography courses, either in high school or college? 

MM: I took some intro classes in high school but most of the class time was spent browsing the internet. I taught myself everything I know about photography and photoshop and just applied what I already knew in the few projects that we had for school.

TK: What mediums do you use to make your awesome work come to life? 

MM: Other than the obvious photography and photoshop, I use a tablet to pain small details and real life scupting to take objects that I cannot realistically create in photoshop.

TK: So we heard from Raschel's interview that you're going to school for marketing. Have anything in particular in mind for after college? 

MM: I'm going to full force networking for my business. I plan on making a physical portfolio that I can send to companies and will be looking for an agent to help me find more work.

TK: How many projects have you been commissioned to do already and how many of those are still open progress? 

MM: I've had around 25 commissions and 8 are currently in progress.

TK:  Do you think you'll ever need to add more workers to your company? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you're commissioned to do? 

MM: I do sometimes feel overwhelmed especially having to balance school, commissions, and personal projects. Although I have a lot of support from my family, it would be helpful to hire an assistant someday. I spend 2-3 hours each day just doing clerical work and if someone did that for me it would leave me more time to edit. 

Well it was great getting to know you better as well as learning more of your mediums. I know I'm saying that I'm one lucky author to have you as my artist! Good luck with your company and I'm sure I'll see you more in more and more book covers, but also good luck in the gaming and movie industry!

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  1. Thanks for this great interview. Michelle is a lovely talented person and I enjoy following her on this tour.