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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I just want to SCREAM!!

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So last night was a bust...hell most of YESTERDAY was a bust! Almost all day was spent yelling and screaming and crying. Sometimes I think the right move IS to kill my husband and ride on the whole mental defect bit of being pregnant. He can be a total butt munch sometimes and REALLY? I don't know how to handle him. I understand he has a bunch of physical issues coming up right now, and its hard on him...but so do I!! *sigh* I love him to death but sometimes I wonder where his priorities lie. Lets just say it wasn't a pretty sight to see us arguing like we did all day yesterday and most of today too. Though I managed to finish a bit more on Baby Shower Bingo, at least there is one plus right? I even pumped out a good 2,000 words for Lunar Eclipse.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cotillion Ball

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Well today is the day, my sister has been working hard, as has my mother, to get read for this day. My sister is part of the Cotillion Ball and I'm lucky enough to get to come and watch. Though on my part it seems to be a bit of a explained the other day, making sure the dress fits properly is a big part of things....being a constantly changing size doesn't really bode well when you're supposed to look your best. Not to mention it has some self confidence issues when you wear a dress that is nice and tight around the stomach...especially when you're as far along as I am but showing as if you're only 2-3 months you only look like you don't know how to eat properly or that you have a beer gut. Now, if I were to be showing a lot more I think I wouldn't mind anywhere near as much.

Friday, January 21, 2011

College Collision

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Okay so I am so frustrated!! Ughh! I have come to hate trying to get registered for classes and school and the like! I spent the end of December and most of this month trying to get everything in order to attend online courses at Grand Canyon University only to find out today that to take 6 classes (10 credits) once you add it all together and add the rough estimate for the ebooks for class it comes to about $11,000!! are they serious? Go figure that they only tell me that today when its the last day to late register at the Jr College nearby and tomorrow is the last day to late-register for classes. :-/  Is there no rest for the weary? I am starting to wonder if I'll ever get to finish school....and if I don't finish school how will I ever wind up getting noticed by a publisher? Lets just say I'm on a bit of a downward spiral right now, which sometimes sends me into serious writing frenzies so we'll see!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Manic Monday!

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Okay so I know this post is a bit late in the day, but I really have been having a Manic Monday!It kinda kicked out last night pretty late, what with little Anthony kicking me and tossing and turning most of the night long so I didn't get much sleep but when I got up it was rush, rush, rush right out the door! I barely had time to shower and dress before the Mayhem started. 

This Saturday is my sister's Cotillion Ball and as a photographer my mother wants me present to take pictures and such, but when you're pregnant you can't really pick out the dress till right before since you're constantly growing in size. So soon as my mother could she whisked me off to start the search for a good enough dress for the ball. Boy, did I feel like a weird version of Cinderella. Once we found a suitable dress it was off to find shoes to work with that and to make sure that they fit right with the dress so that if it needed to be hemmed they could send it off today.

Next I was sent off to find good materials for Anthony's play blanket so when he's on the floor in the living room he'll have something to set on instead of the floor. Since my husband and I haven't reached an agreement on the decorum of Anthony's room quite yet I had to pick out two versions one with a Hotwheels theme and the other Thomas the Tank Engine (NOT THOMAS THE TRAIN!) but it seems before I can get started on that I had to stop there and rush over to my Aunt-in-law's house to babysit for an hour or so. Why I even bothered is beyond me...Josh (my husband showed up within ten minutes of me since his work is right down the street and I just wound up sitting around working on next weeks illustrations for B is for Bonnie instead of the babysitting part since I'm supposed to be on BED REST right now...but alas....
Once we finished that I was stuck with food for both me and my husband...and a long drive home...and I can't cook at all! So let's just say I went with microwavable quickies and tried to call it a night...but as usual...the internet calls! So here I am trying to keep everyone up to date.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Meet TK

So you're prolly wondering who this new writer is, and why you should care about their history. Well I'm not going to tell you much, I'm a jack of all trades and I'm hoping to finally master one of them with my writing. I'm currently 22 years old, married and have one child. I am working towards both children's picture books and young adult paranormal books. I may eventually advance into the adult range, but currently I'm more versed in the YA field. I love vampires, angels, dragons, shape-shifters...but mostly, I love were-wolves.