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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cotillion Ball

Currently: Getting my Hair done for he Ball
Craving? Earl Grey Tea

Well today is the day, my sister has been working hard, as has my mother, to get read for this day. My sister is part of the Cotillion Ball and I'm lucky enough to get to come and watch. Though on my part it seems to be a bit of a explained the other day, making sure the dress fits properly is a big part of things....being a constantly changing size doesn't really bode well when you're supposed to look your best. Not to mention it has some self confidence issues when you wear a dress that is nice and tight around the stomach...especially when you're as far along as I am but showing as if you're only 2-3 months you only look like you don't know how to eat properly or that you have a beer gut. Now, if I were to be showing a lot more I think I wouldn't mind anywhere near as much.

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