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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bedrest Boredom

Currently Watching: Law and Order: SVU on TV (USA)
Craving? Nothing really...Hubby just made stake ^.^

So today I've settled myself on husband set a container of Acrylic Paints in front of my laptop, and the only problem was that I had nothing to paint on. So I grabbed a photo frame and decided to get started with Thomas the Tank Engine. That wasn't enough still though, so I decided to move on to the leftover cardboard from a notebook.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Superbowl Dreams

Currently: Dreaming of the superbowl
Craving? Popcorn

 I know this is short and sweet, as well as kinda late, but I'm kinda sleepy today. I just had to mention the superbowl today....what was your favorite commercial? I have to pick the Beiber commercial with Ozzy Osborne. That will forever be the best commercial ever matter what next year's superbowl brings!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sleepy Time Thursday

Currently: Watching Fairly Legal
Craving? Hot Coco!

Its so darn cold!! It was supposed to snow last night...IN SOUTH TEXAS and thus, un-thankfully, my sinuses have started to kill me. I have an air purifier and now it is on high to keep all the pollens and such that are floating down here away from me. We didn't have snow in Corpus though the rest of the state seems to have had some... we're just too close to the salt air so it doesn't wanna snow. We did however have ice, and in my facebook reading frenzee I saw that some of those in the surrounding area were seeing snow so I bundled up quickly and rushed out with a camera in hand to take pictures of my dog seeing snow for the first time....instead I was met with a set of stairs covered in ice and 2 seconds away from munching it on top of my dog...thank GOD for Handrails!! Now, I am working hard to write Chapter 8 of Dragon's Venom. I want to kill hubby though, he pulled a dumb move and decided to trek the bridges after I told him to just stay at his aunt's house for the night to be safe....instead he goes from the other end of town all the way home with ice all over the streets and bridges!! Oi Vey what will I do with him?