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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hello everyone, I'm so sorry that you're seeing a downed site. I'm currently trying to update my site as much as possible but I haven't quite gotten there. I split the previous blog in two and I'm currently attempting to copy/paste the blog posts and dates to this blog.

On the up and up on writing I have hired a cover artist! We will be having her stop by this month for her blog tour. She is working with me for Lunar Eclipse's Debut in October (possibly November) And I have a word count for you!
Lunar Eclipse currently stands at a total of: *drum roll please*

23,000 words!


  1. Hey girl, uh, click on that link! :-)

    1. I removed it before I caught this comment >.< Since you had given me the credit on here instead lol. Where did I accidentally send everyone? >.<