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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whataburger FAILs

Currently: Sitting in line waiting for my food at whataburger
Craving: My order! Double Meat Katsup and pickles only EXTRA greasy burger

So there is need to say EPIC FAIL! We (*future/past* neighbors and I) decided to stop by What-a-burger (pronounced wuta-burger to those of you not from south Texas) for some grub before going to the kick-ball game (cause down here its an actual sport with a league and all!) and we've been sitting in line for a total of 10 minutes and we only JUST got to the window to order.....there are still 5 cars in front of us waiting on their food...

~~~20 minutes later~~~

We are still stuck in this stupid line but THANKFULLY there is only one car ahead of us....if they don't bring me the food soon...prego is gonna

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