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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sisterly Bonding

Currently: Playing pool
Craving: Popcorn

So I have a younger sister (by 3 years) who is often thought to be the older sibbling out of the two of us....only because she wears makeup and picks out specific clothing...I could go to wal-mart and happily buy a shirt and jeans and go around with no makeup and a pony-tail all day. Needless to go further....we are polar opposites...thus, we don't get along very well...well didn't. Now that she's going to be an aunt (or quite possibly cause I'm prego and she doesn't wanna get on my bad side) she has really put her best foot forward to get close to me and be on good terms and understand each other better. So tonight we went out to the family pool hall and played pool together. It was rather enjoyable.

This adventure spun me into writing frenzy tonight and helped me to bond some characters together better in one of my books, hopefully tommorow is as good!

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