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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye Pregnancy Issues!

Currently: Carrying my huge heavy purse over my shoulder
Craving: Coffee...sadly I am not allowed...

So I'm not sure if I shared...but I have been diagnosed with placenta previa. Its a bit gross so I won't go into details, though, you can look it up if you want. It wasn't anything that would harm the baby at all so I was fine and so was baby...but it meant that I couldn't get too worked up over stuff or carry heavy objects cause it would cause problems. As of today though, that has passed and I can say (happily) HELLO MY HEAVY BEAUTIFULLY FULL PURSE! Cause this whole time I have been treated like a cripple and not allowed to carry anything let alone my gigantic purse. *sigh* Thankfully, that horrible issue is over and I can do anything normally now :D

On the writing note, I spent some much needed time at Barnes & Nobel today sitting myself down in a corner to write and sneaking my power cord into a socket anytime I thought no one was looking. >.< I managed a few chapters and a load of editing on Lunar Eclipse. Here's hoping I finish something soon!

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