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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

So yesterday was Anthony's first fourth of July....and he totally held his bottle for the first time! It was amazing and awesome and a great way to get me off my bad side...I had been having a harsh day and was quite a grumpy pants and when I heard Hubby screaming for me to hurry over to see I just ran and wound up dropping my jaws at the sight of my beautiful baby boy holding his bottle all his own. Hubby then decided to have a beer and make me take a picture so that we could caption it: "Here son, hold your bottle so Daddy can drink his beer." it was priceless. Not to mention that when we got out to his grandfather's house his cousin, Abby (age 1) was there and went straight up to Anthony and gave him a big ol' hug, to which Anthony smiled and tried to figure out how to hug back. I swear, God works in mysterious ways sometimes.

P.S. We now have cable and internet!! So now I come to you live from home!

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