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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stabbed in the Gut...

So I thought today was rather progressive. I have been diligently working on one of my series books through some of my classes and have made some good progress with them. Today I see that Melissa Marr and Kelly Armstrong have teamed up (which I was happy to hear since they have written some VERY grand books in my view) to write a series with werewolves...which also made me happy cause I love werewolves. I click the link given by Melissa via Twitter only to feel like I've been shoved off a writer's cliff cause their series has a lot of the same things in it...should I still write it or scrap it for another few years so that its not viewed as a ripoff? So lost and hurt and dazed by this, I'm kinda turned off to the all-nighter I had planned to work on said series. :( for now I'm going to shelf it and work on fixing the blog up again or ... just something-anything else....

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