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Monday, September 19, 2011

Attack of the Flies!

So, I get up this morning...and as I'm getting ready for school there are like 5 flies zooming around the bathroom...I notice the odditiy but decide I have no time for it and quickly slap them into death with my fly swatter....I come home to a number somewhere near 100 flies that I have to kill one by one...I gave up on the swatter and moved onto raid. I'm already not feeling well as it is from the wedding, (everyone who went to my friend's wedding, including the bride and groom got sick) and now the flies are attacking. I called the office after vaccuming up the dead bodies from everywhere and they were going to send pest control tomorrow. I wish they would come out today, but apparetnly I'm not alone...they
are having the same issue next door so I'm told, at least I know that it isn't something wrong with our trash or anything. Luckily baby is already staying at my parent's house since both hubby and I are sick.

(Blogger must hate how many pictures I post...)

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