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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hospital Stay

Currently: Sitting in a hospital bed
Craving: chicken nuggets

So....not long after my first post I was woken up by hubby leaving early for work...though that leaving early didn't consist of taking the dog out before he left cause he was "leaving late" though I know he would have made it there early....he just hasn't configured the time difference between the old house and the new apt. So I went out with my big old belly to walk said dog.....things went well...until he saw another dog which we avoided by going around the other side of the building....only they went through the walkway to that side I bent down to hold his collar and before I got my footing he pulled again and I fell over on my stomach and of course quickly to my side...Hubby rushed home and insisted on going to the ER, my doc agreed but in the end they were only slightly worried cause I was having constant braxton hicks contractions but they wanted to monitor them a bit more, apparently they were rather large contractions but I just didn't feel it much. I maybe this means that I will have an easy delivery? Needless to say, I'm no longer allowed to walk the dog...not that it is his fault or anything, just it'd be safer if I don't. Sadly, this experience has brought my computer with me only to get dropped and slightly I have to send it off to be fixed, but I think I'll wait till after Anthony gets here so that way I can upload pictures when he's born.

On the bright side this means some alone time with my computer and writing. Though I don't have all my notes and materials...guess I'll have to wing it and try to remember if person A has green eyes or not ... I foresee a lot of editing in my future....

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