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Friday, April 22, 2011

Drunk Man

Currently: Getting settled better at my new home
Craving: chocolate covered bananas? 

So while I was stuck at the hospital the other night hubby had a few guy friends over to play video games and drink beer. You know the old adage, "when the cat's away the mice will play" well while they were upstairs having a cigarette on the patio this drunk guy goes to the storage unit below us and starts banging on the door yelling for them to let him in. My husband told him no one lives there but it didn't even register to this guy. After a good 10 minutes of this he called the cops cause the guy looked like he had already gotten into a bar fight earlier in the evening with scratches on his face and his constant slurring. While on the line with dispatch the man walked up the stairs and banged on our across the way neighbor's door and when he wasn't given entrance he went upstairs and did the same. 

After a short stint of banging on the doors in that stairwell he went down and into the second stairwell for our set of four apartments and did the same, only this time he went to our back door and banged on ours and we told him to go away....but he kept yelling that his cousin lived there and his brother wasn't letting him in downstairs so he started kicking the door to get in. My husband and the two other guys got together near the door as the frame broke from the guys constant kicking and my husband grabbed his arisoft handgun  and took the orange tip off of it and pointed it at the door. When the door finally did swing open from getting kicked repeatedly the guy saw the gun and stumbled backwards down the narrow steps to the next landing and asked where his cousin was. My husband told him that his cousin didn't live there and the dispatch officer was still on the phone. That went on for another 10 minutes before the cops finally showed up on scene (40 min after the call was originally placed!) when they took the guy in handcuffs and started asking him questions he told the officers that my husband and his friends had attacked him and he hadn't done anything wrong. (while explaining the marks on his face) and my husband had to yell down to the cops 3 times before they listened that he had those before he got on site and that it was in the description he had given.

Then they were saying "If you don't tell us where you live son, we are going to have to take you to the precinct." again, hubby had to yell three times for them to realize he had kicked down our door and busted the frame before the cop said "Oh, in that case you're going with us." and put him in the car and took him away. So when I came home from the hospital that next day I had a broken door. Thankfully the complex fixed it rather quickly. Talk about scary drama man! I'm just glad I was busy clicking away at my computer in a hospital bed away from it. That could have sent me into labor!

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