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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome Home Anthony!

So as I said, he was born via C-section. I didn't have any problems with it in the end, though I was so scared I couldn't even speak. Hubby diligently held my hand and ran his hand through my hair to try and soothe me as they did the procedure. My sister was also in the room, that was something that we weren't allowed to do per say, but since she was actually already there for her high school classes and doing a study in that department my doc made an exception for her to only view not participate in the procedure and be there when he was born. I didn't even see her till I was in recovery afterwards.

He was born at 2:35 PM CST and was 6 pounds 12 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. He screamed right away and was just fine. I didn't know what on earth to think cause firstly, I was frozen on my upper half of my body and secondly I couldn't feel the other half, so when they brought around this ball of blankets that was screaming at me I could barely muster a smile for the camera as the anesthesiologist took a quick pic. (above) In my mind I was going, "I thought they screamed louder than that? He kinda looks Chinese....are you SURE that is the baby you just pulled out of my gut? It doesn't look right." I felt the same way when they came in later with the same 

little bundle and handed him to me for the first time. I wasn't too sure what to think at all. Should I accept willingly that they are right and this is my son, or should I demand video footage as proof from them bringing him out all the way to delivering him in that moment?" Now, I realize I may have just been in shock....I was a mother. I did rather well in the three day stay at the hospital. My family and friends all visited me and little Anthony and when it came time for me to go home I was happy to leave, but sad to loose the support of the staff I had been so fully relying on to bring him to me at night and let me get some rest.  
Once we got home JD (Our dog) was all too thrilled to have another person in the house, then again he always loves new people in the house, and quickly took to the baby. Instantly he started guarding the door and barking at anyone who entered our stairwell. (with a broken concrete step and a horrible echo that was everyone! It also didn't help that we are above the mailboxes so it was an all day affair) Anthony took to him just as easily happily sleeping with his puppy right away.

We shall see how things go from here on writing. I can hope that I'll get enough time for this all the time. But I am really tired right now and I barely pushed through this simple blog post. (though this is probably the most complex post I've done so far...)

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