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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Allie & Sam

I was so close to my birthday I could feel all my muscles aching for the change. My parents were still not sure on how to handle the whole situation. I was a Lycoan but my parents were both humans. The gene had passed over them, they each had one human parent and one Lycoan parent, and both had been lucky enough to be human. Their understanding of the hardships that Lycoans go through was sorely lacking and it hurt my mom sometimes when she couldn't help me deal with issues like the change.

I walked across the street to the Hewitt house, now empty with both of the twins at school, but I knew Carline was outside in the back staring at the sky, she had slipped into a small depression after the twins had started their training, and after 3:00 she usually took time to think about them in her garden. As I opened the gate to the back yard I could see the trace evidence of the neglect her garden had gotten, their sad and droopy state showing just how miserable the summer months could be in Texas for greenery. Sitting on the patio in one of the chairs was Carline, oblivious to my approach as her mind continued to wander.

"Hey Carline." I said, announcing my presence. The last thing you want to do to a Lycoan is sneak up on them and scare them...which is hard to do but best to avoid anyway.

"Oh Allie! How are you dear?" Her expression melded into one of care as she tuned into me. "Your birthday is coming up soon isn't it?"

"Yeah." I sighed, I had come over here to get advice on dealing with my first forced change, I had been told different things about the difference but I just needed someone to talk to and my mom, though she tried just couldn't help. "I was wondering if you could help me understand a few things..." I trailed off, not wanting to send her back into her saddened state about the twins.

"What is it sweetie?" Her motherly care took over as she patted the seat next to her ushering me to sit down as well. "Want anything to drink?" she said as she set the glass she was sipping down and started to get up to play hostess.

"No thanks, I'm not really thirsty." I sat down and she rested back into her chair and focused solely on me. "I wanted to know...are there any hints that you could give me about controlling myself? I mean..." I stuttered, "...anything that will help keep me from going rogue when I head to school?"

She smiled at me endearingly before she grabbed one of my shaking hands that I was fidgeting with in my lap. "You'll be fine. Demi and Sam won't let anything happen to you, and if you want, Wes and I could tag along for the sake of your nerves."

I looked up to her and sighed, she was right and I was just over-reacting. There was no way that Sam would let me go rogue and it had been fifty years since anything like that had happened. "You're right, I'll be fine, I don't need extra people to help I'll be fine." I looked up at her and forced myself to smile.