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Friday, June 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Sasha, Michael & Roy

We all sat down on the couch as Sasha went to get the drinks. "What kind?" she asked absent-mindedly as she walked towards the refreshments room.

"I'll take a Pepper." Mike was quick to answer.

"Make that two." I was tired but Sasha had begged me to stay while Mike was there. Something about him creeped her out and yet she refused to let me tell him to just go away.

"Chips and salsa?" She asked as she set down the sodas and opened the bag in her lap as she sat in between us.

"I'm all for it." Mike smiled at her and reached over never breaking eye contact as he reached inside the bag, still sitting on her lap, and grabbed a single chip.

Sasha froze as he made the movement towards her and pushed a soft smile on her lips to detract from her rigid movements while dipping her chip into the salsa.

"So are we going to watch this movie or what?" I spoke up trying to break the weird tension.

"Yeah why don't you pop it in Roy?" Mike seemed eager to get me out of the picture and his eyes were trained on Sasha again.

"Sure. Sasha, I forget sometimes how to thread that stupid projector of yours. Care to help me out?" I looked over to her not sure if she really wanted out or not.

"Sure." She got up quickly and set the chips down for Mike as she walked my way. Once we were out of earshot she sighed. "Thanks. I don't think I could have taken the whole alone time very well. I'm almost positive he was going to try to put his tongue down my throat the second you left." she shivered. "I hope Mya appreciates what we're doing for her. It had better be worth it."

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and squeezed. "It'll be over before you know it. I'll keep him from tongue raping you." I laughed as we got to the projector and she quickly put the movie film together in her family's deluxe theater room. Her parents were loaded and had designed a full fledged theater with couches in leu of seats and a room right outside full of candies and different movie snacks.

The movie started just as we got back and sat back onto the couch. Mike didn't waste any time inching closer to her as he stretched out to put his arm around her finding mine already in the way after it was already too late. I snickered to myself slightly as he seemed flustered about the loss of ground but quickly moved onto the next attempt to get closer.

His hand inched its way over to hers as she was distracted by the movie and her need for chips so grabbing it wasn't very hard in the first place but she quickly pulled away avoiding looking away from him as he gave her his full attention.

"What is your problem?!" It was apparent he was frustrated by the lack of ground covered on his conquest.

I turned to him anger filling me "No man, what's your problem? Can't you see she's not into you?" I yelled, trying to keep my voice over the noise.

"And who the hell invited you? This was supposed to be just us." I could see the hothead that everyone had talked about starting to bubble to the surface.

"Sasha invited me." a low growl rolled out slowly as he began to stand as tall as he could to square off.

"Then I'm un-inviting you." he growled in response as I stood to face him.

"Until she asks me to leave I'm not moving an inch, besides, you're the one acting like a fool and trying to move in on someone else's territory."

"Enough!" Sasha was on her feet and in between both of us. "I am not about to let you two brawl it out in my favorite room!" she turned to face Mike, "Michael. I'm afraid you're going to have to calm down or leave."  Then she faced me, "Roy, no wolf, got it?" she looked into my eyes and I couldn't help but listen and sit down.

Mike couldn't take the choices he was offered and growled again showing confidence since I had sat down. "So long as he keeps himself in check and backs off of you. I don't mind him hanging around." he smiled.

I couldn't stop the growl that rolled out again, but I used all the rest of my control to stay seated as Sasha spoke again. "Then I'm thinking you're gonna have to go. I don't care what you do just don't stay here."

She turned her back on him and walked closer to me, frustrating him just enough to turn and leap after her. Lycoans can turn at will, but our emotions can sometimes get the wolf instincts to go into overdrive. I pulled her to me as he lept and pushed her to the couch tackling Mike with my bare hands and holding his neck in my hand before slamming it into the floor to knock him out, but without enough force to actually do it in one blow. "Howdare you attack her in her own home. Get out." I released his neck and removed my body from over him to allow him to leave.

Sasha stared at me still in shock that he had attacked her from behind. "Thank you," she finally looked up from the spot where he had been moments ago, "for not turning this place into scraps." She stood up and kissed me then, bringing her hands to the sides of my face as I pulled her closer surprised that she felt this way for me at all.