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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Megan & Michael

First, I was removed from my position as Alpha, then that prick stole Mya and made Megan feel inferior. Then I lost both of them in only a matter of minutes all thanks to Mya's big mouth. Oh well, she was only ever a good screw and she was never controllable as a side woman.

Megan yelled at me after Mya's outburst and didn't stop to think how this was her fault in the first place. "What do you mean I cheated? You broke up with me remember? I was well within my rights to be with Mya." I smiled inwardly at how clever I was, to be able to play this all back on her. "You're the one who came in here and kissed me while I was with someone else. Now she's gone and I think we both owe her an apology." I gave her a serious face as I looked after Mya leaving.

She stood there for a moment as she took in my logic. Guys at school had always wondered how I could string along more than one female at a time. The answer was simple, know their emotions and play them against themselves instead of against you. Case in point, Megan was now searching for Mya outside to apologize and Mya would believe what I had said. They would think that each of them was in the right for what they had done with me and I'd still have two women to lay in my bed. Guardian Donne was going to eat his words and realize that I was the only true Alpha for this year.

I went to sit for dinner knowing Megan would plead with Mya until she came back and then they would cry and hug it out. All I needed to do is listen to them rant and rave about each other again and tell them they were right and before you know it I'd be living large again. I sat at the table and waited for my mom to join me.

"So was Megan going to stay for dinner too?" she asked as she sat down.

"I'm not sure, they had to talk about something out back so I figured I'd come and join you for dinner now."

Megan came in first and asked to talk to me alone for a moment. I nodded and excused myself from dinner as I joined her outside. "What happened?" I asked not giving her any direction to lead into so she could believe that she did this on her own.

"She told me that you had told her we broke up, but that this wasn't the first time you had said that. You've hooked up with her before?" she asked not allowing her eyes to meet mine while she looked at me.

"No. This was the first time. She was reeling from all that crap going on with the pack and I was reeling from you so I kinda lost control. I didn't mean to I swear I just...did." I looked down for effect to drive home my act of sullenness.

Her eyes met mine then and she smiled, tears still rolling down her face. She could forgive me for a simple slip-up due to stress and the male testosterone levels, so long as it was a one time thing.

Mya never came back, but I couldn't say I expected her to after Megan's line of questioning afterwards.