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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Between the Sheets - Devin & Luna

Luna walked up as I roared the engine to my new bike and I smiled happily as her eyes sparked with appreciation. It was why we had first decided to date, we were both at the bike shop in Greenville, me going along to see the bikes and her to go shopping, while her dad bought a new set of tires. That was when we had clicked, I was taken aback by her steady knowledge of the bike I was pining over and she was impressed with my choice.

Now though, she was impressed  I could hear her mentally appraising each detail of the bike which only worked to broaden my smile. Hey, how was your day?  She asked, knowing I had tuned into her thought waves.

I looked at the bike then back to her, Do you really need to ask?  I looked her up and down appraising the simplistic look of the white tank top cut high enough to show her new key shaped belly button ring and low-rider jeans with holes in the knees down to the normal black flip flips then back up to her neck line where her family crest sat perfectly above her chest, then straight into her dazzling blue eyes needing no makeup to show her beauty with curly blonde hair.

She giggled slightly and slung her bag over her shoulder, I guess I need to get my helmet from the garage? She thought to me before turning towards the house.

Nope. I turned and picked up the second helmet from the ground where I had hidden it. I had run by Greenville before coming back to pick her up. Don’t you think I would have thought of your safety?  I smiled and handed her the customized headgear. Her eyes lit up again as she read her name on the side of the helmet in baby blue and silver with the same lightning behind it.

Let’s ride. She settled herself behind me strapping her helmet into place and wrapping her arms around me.

We drove off, using our sense of smell to guide us for dinner, it was her way of a happy birthday, and we finally settled for Chilli’s near Greenville.

“How many today? Just two?” the hostess asked happily.

“Yes, two today.” Luna smiled at her as she laced her arm into mine possessively.

Wow Lu, since when are you jealous of humans?  I asked her as we went to our table.

Am not, just happy to be able to freely hold you for a change, all this stupidity of staying single to help build my future is driving me madd. For once I’d like to spend a normal evening with my boyfriend and celebrate his birthday.

I couldn’t be a luckier man. I smiled at her as I took the menu and ordered.

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